Arena Contest

This month’s build contest theme is Arenas. We’re planning on adding some arenas to the survival server that you can bring your own items into and battle other players. Any theme is fine as long as it’s well-built, creative, and fun to play in even after a few battles. Guidelines: Your build doesn’t have to use up the entire area… Read More »

Winter Build Contest

Hey, to those of you who have been participating in our last build contest, we’ve got some bad(ish) news: we’re putting that on hold during the month of December. Another contest will be our focus. The rules and rewards are the same as our last one (see the post about our Medieval contest,) the only difference being the theme. This… Read More »

October Build Contest

Hey, it’s been a few months since our last build contest. In light of the current season, we’ve decided to make the theme “Spooky.” The rules are fairly simple: 1. The build must be related to the theme, although you should be creative in the way you approach it. 2. One entry per player. 3. Builds must be completed within… Read More »


You read right, Factions. We have had several minigames, but for over 3 years, BlockBox has not had a PvP server. There’s something nice about knowing that you can relax and play without worrying about other players killing you, raiding your items, and destroying your creations. However, as the server has expanded, many players including myself recognized the new life… Read More »

Builds in Space!

For the first time in over a year, BlockBox is holding a build contest! Before I get into contest details, I’d like to give a warm welcome to Josh (joshypants99) who after nearly three years with us and well over two years as moderator for us has become a part of our administration team. Not just because he’s my favorite… Read More »

TeamSpeak Server Now Open!

The official BlockBox TeamSpeak server is open for business! Now you can enjoy chatting with fellow players (and maybe listen to some music courtesy of Narwhal) even when you aren’t playing Minecraft. We’ve fine-tuned the server for maximum audio quality and you won’t have trouble with the host’s Internet connection like you might with Skype or other software. Sound good?… Read More »

A New Hope

I know that there has been a wave of confusion and upset going through the server lately about what exactly is to become of their beloved server, and I haven’t really addressed it until now. I am painfully aware of the rumors going around that BlockBox is closing on April 19th. I myself created and for a while believed those… Read More »

Welcome to BlockBox 1.7

Well, here we are. After a long wait, the server is finally updated to 1.7. It might not seem like it, but a lot has changed since the last world reset back in 1.5. Here’s a little graphic I put together to show just how much has happened in the past 7 months:     Big thanks the team over… Read More »