Arena Contest

This month’s build contest theme is Arenas. We’re planning on adding some arenas to the survival server that you can bring your own items into and battle other players. Any theme is fine as long as it’s well-built, creative, and fun to play in even after a few battles.


  • Your build doesn’t have to use up the entire area of the plot, but it should be large enough for up to 4 players to fight in.
  • Incorporate a variety of combat situations: close combat, distance for archery battles, fighting area on the ground, in buildings, even underground or underwater.
  • Don’t make any area too safe. Try to avoid spots where people can “camp” and kill others easily without opening themselves up to getting attacked.
  • These arenas are intended to be for deathmatches (when a player dies they’ll be out of the game), so design accordingly.
  • Feel free to incorporate some redstone, even explosives as long as they aren’t extreme.
  • Players will be keeping the items they get from the arena, so don’t include any items (in chests, accessible dispensers, etc.) in your map.
  • The arena can be completely enclosed in a building, or you can create natural barriers around the edges such as cliffs or mountains or lava.
  • Again, any theme is fine. Do what you think will turn out best or try something new.


Entries will be judged at the end of the month, and the winners will have their arenas available to play in on the survival server. Good luck!


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