October Build Contest

Hey, it’s been a few months since our last build contest. In light of the current season, we’ve decided to make the theme “Spooky.” The rules are fairly simple:

1. The build must be related to the theme, although you should be creative in the way you approach it.
2. One entry per player.
3. Builds must be completed within a time frame to be announced in the coming month or so.
4. Player has one month after contest completion to claim first prize. After the month, the first place award will go to the second place winner.

Rewards are:

First Place: The choice of either a twenty U.S. dollar Steam gift card or VIP on the server, as well as a render of their build uploaded to Instagram!
Second Place: A render of their build on Instagram, as well as fifty N on the server!
Third Place: A render on Instagram, and thirty N on the server!

As with last time, builds will be judged on quality, adherence to the theme, originality, and creativity. Other prizes are possible, and current prizes are subject to change. To mark your plot as done, perform the command /p done. There is no current deadline, but the likely cutoff date is sometime in November.
If any questions arise, go ahead and ask either an Architect or other staff members.

Good luck, and remember: Have fun!


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