Arena Contest

This month’s build contest theme is Arenas. We’re planning on adding some arenas to the survival server that you can bring your own items into and battle other players. Any theme is fine as long as it’s well-built, creative, and fun to play in even after a few battles. Guidelines: Your build doesn’t have to use up the entire area… Read More »

Medieval Contest, Part 2

Well, here we are. Despite a few hitches, BlockBox is officially in 1.9 and we’re working hard on various new features and updates. If you forgot about the medieval contest from a few months back (maybe you never knew about it?), it has returned and we’re looking forward to seeing some creative entries. If you started a build when we… Read More »

Winter Build Contest

Hey, to those of you who have been participating in our last build contest, we’ve got some bad(ish) news: we’re putting that on hold during the month of December. Another contest will be our focus. The rules and rewards are the same as our last one (see the post about our Medieval contest,) the only difference being the theme. This… Read More »